Successful owners of Oude Wellington Restaurant introduce their new little lamb

Take a leisurely drive out of Cape Town, and visit the quaint and picturesque town of Riebeek-Kasteel. Nestled between the Cape Wine lands and the Swartland, where you’ll find a collection of eclectic surprises and hidden gems.

Bar Bar Black Sheep is one such gem. Recently bought over by Oude Wellington Restaurants owners, John & Susanna Tecklenburg.

Bar Bar Black Sheep has been open for business since March this year. Although locals may already be familiar with this restaurant, the Tecklenburgs have a big surprise up their sleeve…

Renowned for their brilliant meals and outstanding service at Oude Wellington in Wellington, Bar Bar Black Sheep will not only be undergoing a major facelift, but will also be establishing an environmentally friendly structure, set to work around obstacles such as load-shedding, and also incorporating an environmentally stable interior in terms of their decor, when they move to their new premises next month. The new restaurant will be located opposite the famous Royal Hotel and will be opening their doors to patrons on the 4th of Decemberl. An official opening launch will be hosted on Thursday the 10th – by invitation only.

The seating area at the new premises will be far larger than at the old venue, seating approximately 150 guests, of which 50-60 can enjoy the alfresco setting, sure to make your dining experience a beautiful outside affair. The atmosphere at the old BBBS was rather funky and hip, and this is intended to take quite a dramatic reformation to create a more eclectic and sophisticated character, aimed at the slightly more serious diner.

ODW is all too well known for their tremendous selection of wines and simply magnificent pairings available. The Tecklenburgs intend to bring this professional added touch to their new acquisition, where local wines, such as Wildehurst and other wines from the Swartland region will be on offer, to perfectly compliment their menu. Some of the mouth watering dishes to look forward to will include nose to tail cooking, lamb and mutton – strictly from the Swartland, steak and wood fire dishes, to mention but a few. Vegetarians can also look forward to a far greater selection of dishes, using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Owner and Head Chef, John is known for many things… Amongst these would include his masterpiece dishes, which he only prepares to perfection and each plate needs to meet his strict criteria before leaving the kitchen. Amusingly, John has also earned the reputation of the “Viking Chef” – which until you meet him (be this a pleasant or unpleasant opportunity, we’re not sure) will be blatantly evident! John is not easily distracted from his kingdom in the kitchen, but when he is, he is known to have a rather brass, loud and outspoken nature. “Leave him to cook – where he’s most charming” says Susanna, wife, co owner and now acting Head chef at the ODW, since John has taken the reins (spatulas) in Riebeek.

The new BBBS will offer patrons a choice of two dining styles. The first being more laid back and aimed at the younger guest, who enjoys a more social environment, and an easy meal. The second will be more sophisticated with a touch of classic style. The latter is aimed at the more mature diner, who prefers to enjoy a leisurely meal, a touch of sophistication and perhaps a few courses and wine to compliment the experience. Each area will have their own menu.

Another signature mark of the famous chef is that the BBBS will offer guests the charm of a black board menu – which allows Chef John to change the dishes according to the fresh produce available. Amongst the various options of dishes, affordable “small plates” will also be on offer, allowing you to indulge in a variety of foods, and enjoy pairing them to the wines on offer. Ask for advice on this offering, should you wish to plan an interesting group dinner, family gathering or function.

If you are thinking of taking a day trip out to Riebeek Valley, there are plenty of interesting attractions to enjoy. Art shops, local food & wines, olives and of course the heart of the Shiraz valley awaits your visit. Local Guesthouses are encouraged to send their guests to the Bar Bar Black Sheep – as the Tecklenburgs make it their business to give diners a memorable experience.

Be sure to visit both the Oude Wellington Restaurant in Wellington, as well as Bar Bar Black Sheep in Riebeek-Kasteel, to indulge in what the Tecklenburgs have proven to be quite an exquisite dining experience!   Contact The Tecklenburg on 0828368924 or


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