Hughes Family

Nativo White Blend 2010 R160

25% Chenin Blanc, 75% Viognier An elegant white Cape blend, this wine has a bouquet of pineapple, lime and vanilla with distinctive mineral overtones, a creamy long and fresh finish follows through onto the palate. Nativo Red Blend 2008 R190

48% Shiraz, 16% Merlot, 11% Mourvèdre, 9% Pinotage, 13% Grenache,3% Viognier 25Typical Swartland blend with subtle aromas of dark berries and spices with soft smooth tannins. Pieter Euvrard: Orangerie White 2011 R280

60% Viognier,40% Chenin blanc First white vintage and only 3 barrels made! Natural yeast fermentation for up to 9 months in 5 year old oak. Chenin base give fruitiness, Semillon freshness comes through with floral Viognier with Chardonnay providing fullness. Pieter Euvrard: Orangerie Red 2009 R300

58% Shiraz, 28% Grenache, 14% Mourvèdre This is from pure Swartland vineyards. Also a first vintage! Aromas of dark cherry come to mind first with a good long finish, some earthiness and firm tannins.

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