The Wine Kollective Bar Bar Black Sheep makes wine with The Wine Kollective which has a stake in the farm 1120 where the wine is from, also known as Mountain View, high on the Malmesbury side of Kasteelberg.  All comments regarding the wines are therefore biased and meaningless.

Santa Cecilia  2012  R25 gls R100 btl

Limited quantity barrel fermented Chenin 2009 made from a coveted vineyard high on the western slopes of Kasteelberg (with a touch of Paardeberg.  A distinct fresh apple nose, but with a earthy body (not bone dry) a hint of lime and a lingering finish. The next best thing to a Santa Cecilia is another Santa Cecilia Santa Cecilia Shiraz  2011  R30 gls R140 btl

Spicy, revealing traces of sweaty saddle mingled with the smell of fresh pipe tobacco in a small shop in Paris, where a small poodle lies lazily at the door whilst a young student recites English poetry with a French accent. The aroma of wet blanket lies comfortably with crushed fynbos and honey, a sensation reminiscent of freshly sawn Namibian camel thorn. Perfect with pasta, poloni, venison, llama, poultry, fish, other wine and friends Santa Cecilia Merlot 2011  R26 gls R110 btl A soft luscious Cinderella wine.  Beautiful, naïve and corruptible. Destined to end up in fine restaurants.

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